Welcome. The office is open! Please contact the office by phone or through the website on the contact page. We appreciate all of you and thank you for your patience. We will get through this. We have been very busy making lots of changes to help keep you safe while continuing to offer a high standard of care. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.


Brian Sutherland: Helping Patients in Downtown Dartmouth

If you are suffering from recurring pain or injury, Brian Sutherland, Registered Physiotherapist, can help. With extensive knowledge acquired from years of education and experience, he offers conventional physiotherapy treatments combined with a variety of complementary health care techniques.


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To make an appointment, call Brian’s office to set up a time for you. Please be patient while we follow the guidelines from the Department of Health and the College of Physiotherapists to help keep you safe.Your first consultation will involve assessing your condition through an interview and physical exam, to best determine your needs and suitable treatment options. UNFORTUNATELY, DUE TO MULTIPLE COVID RELATED EXPENSES, AS OF OCTOBER 1/2020 WE WILL BE INCREASING OUR FEES TO $115 FOR REGULAR APPOINTMENTS AND $135 IF YOU ARE INVOLVED IN AN ACTIVE MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT. Please pay by e-transfer, prior to the session, from a major Canadian bank. Please note that e-transfer from virtual banks will not work correctly with autodeposit. You could also bring cash in an envelope if you do not have that. The address is shown below. 

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If you are a new patient during this time of Covid-19 we ask that you not print the intake forms.  Instead, if you are in the know and comfortable with PDFs and Adobe, please download, fill in the intake forms and return them attached in an email to me at the above email address. This must be done the day before the session.  If what what just said makes no sense to you - do not worry, instead, click on the intake forms and read through them so when you come in for your appointment you are already familiar with them and it will take you less time to complete them during your session. If you have had a concussion, please also do what you are comfortable with on that form as well. Please also, wait outside suite 610 and I will come out and get you when the treatment room has been throughly cleaned and sanitized from the previous patient.


If you have a concussion, there are 2 other things you should do:

  1. See your doctor
  2. Visit the Concussion NS website to learn more about what to do before your initial visit

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